Shopper Location Analytics

Coursa Retail is a shopper location analytics service for brick and mortar retailers that uses the motion sensors in your customers’ smartphone to deliver unique insights about individual and aggregated shopper behavior in your stores.



Coursa SDK integrates into the retailer's mobile app



Coursa algorithms formulate raw data into actionable insights



Access insights via dashboards or APIs



Enable new ways to retarget your customers and optimize merchandising and store planning decisions



Coursa Retail is an SDK and server solution that integrates into your existing mobile app. It uses the sensors already in your customers’ smartphones to accurately deliver step-by-step shopper path, location and dwell point history of each individual shopper.

Coursa Retail analyzes individual shopper behavior and aggregates data across all shoppers and all stores to deliver valuable insights to all disciplines of your retail enterprise.


    Missed Conversions

    For the first time, at an individual shopper level, understand what product categories your customers stop to look at but don’t buy.



    Retarget customers based on missed conversions from brick and mortar shopping history. Enable true omni-channel retargeting from both online and in-store traffic.


    Shopper Dwell Time Analysis

    Find out the exact dwell location and duration at a store, department, aisle, category, product, and end-cap granularity.


    Traffic Flow Analysis

    Determine the most common directions shoppers are approaching your products to optimize placement and end-cap advertising at your store, department, and aisle.


    Checkout Queue Analysis

    Identify how long each customer spends in the checkout line. Monitor trends. Improve staffing decisions during common lull and rush periods.


    Shopper Session Duration

    Understand, by demographic, how much time shoppers spend in your stores.


    Purchase Sequencing

    For the first time, at an individual and demographic level, gain insights into the sequence in which shoppers put items into their carts. Optimize merchandise placement and store planning.

How it works

Coursa Retail’s mobile SDK and cloud platform combine the physical location of in-store shoppers with enterprise data to deliver first-of-their-kind insights into shopper behavior, buying and browsing patterns inside brick and mortar stores.


Coursa Retail gets you access to valuable shopper and store insights without costly equipment purchases and installations. Coursa Retail also scales quickly across all of your stores by avoiding time‑consuming per-store setup or site surveys.


Your customers’ existing smartphones (iOS and Android)


Your retail app with Coursa SDK


No expensive capital equipment (Wi-Fi, video cameras, store-wide beacons)


No access to the in-store data network required


No per-store installation personnel or site survey required


Increase Conversion and Customer Loyalty

Increase Conversion and Customer Loyalty

  • Retarget In-store Missed Conversions
  • Optimize Merchandising and Product Placement
  • Optimize Store Operations and Staffing
Valuable Shopper Location Analytics and Insights

Enhance Shopper Location Analytics and Insights

  • Missed Conversion Tracking
  • Shopper Path
  • Purchase Sequencing
  • Dwell and Queue Analysis
  • Traffic Flow Analysis
Low Deployment and Capital Equipment Costs

Reduce Deployment and Capital Equipment Costs

  • No Wi-Fi or Video Cameras Required
  • Use Shopper’s Existing Smartphone Hardware
Rapid Scaling and Deployment

Add New Stores Quickly

  • No Third Party Personnel Required for New Store Setup or Installation
  • No Wireless or Magnetic Site Survey
  • No Access to In-Store Data Network Required

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